Our Services

Start with a park playdate and take the relationship from there! Dog walking, Backyard Sharing and Overnight stays are all possible with Dogshare. All of our services can be selected within your profile to show what you are looking for from a potential dogshare arrangement. These services work for two dog owners to meet up and help one another out, OR for a dog owner to meet with a Helper who can give you hand. 

Some dogs like the company of other dogs and others prefer the company of a human. Dog owners have the choice to view and connect with other dog owners only, or both dog owners and Human Helpers.


Park Meet-Ups

  • Logical first meeting step
  • Sniff one another out
  • See if there is good chemistry
  • Great way to socialise two dogs



  • For dogs that need excercise
  • For Human Helpers who love to walk
  • Dog Owners who want to walk together


Backyard Sharing

  • For dogs who are looking for daytime companionship
  • For Human Helpers who are available during the day
  • For backyard hosts who have a safe & secure backyard


Overnight Stays

  • Once a solid, trusting relationship has been established
  • Provides familiar environment for dog
  • Overnight or holiday arrangements
  • Negotiated between two consenting parties