Dog Helpers
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Share companionship, walks and cuddles and help a neighbour.

Why Dogshare is for you

Spend time with a pooch

Ideal for when you would love to spend time with a dog and circumstances don’t allow you to own one. Offer occasional help or regular play dates without the full-time commitment.

  • The joy of companionship

    Time spent with a dog can improve life. Natural mood enhancers that will encourage you to get outdoors and be social.
  • Test the waters

    Considering dog ownership for yourself? Gain real life experience and confidence.

Help out someone in need

There are times a walk in the park or a friendly scratch behind the ear goes a long way. By lending a hand you might be helping out someone who is juggling a busy or difficult period of their lives and keeping lonely dog barking down to a minimum.

  • Community Building

    Help someone unable to walk their dog due to age, illness or other extenuating life circumstances.
  • Upstream of Dog Surrender & Rescue

    70% of Australian Dogs don’t get a daily walk - something we can change together.

Healthy Communities

There’s plenty of research to support the premise that furry companions enhance our wellbeing and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise & Get Outdoors

    Great for your physical and mental health.
  • Kindness Grows

    Dogshare members aren’t driven by the dollar but by a generous purpose.

Joining is easy

1. Create a free account by selecting JOIN. You will receive an email with a link to activate your new account.

2. LOGIN and begin setting up your profile. Take a look at our interactive map to see the number and general location of other members.

3. To view the profiles of other users, you must first complete your own profile and have it reviewed by our team. To complete your profile, answer all questions in your profile and hit SAVE. One of our team will personally review your profile within 3 days.

4. Foundation members can start messaging other users right away. If you are in Melbourne or Sydney, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership before messaging others.

Questions? Feel free to contact us once you have started your free account and we can assist.


Plus $20 Once (application fee)
  • Map shows all available users
  • Connect with dog owners
  • Unlimited 1-1 real time chat
  • Handy parks guide
  • Switch profile to dog owner at any time
  • Simple quarterly billing, cancel anytime
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