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Dogshare is a matching service that connects you to dogs in your local area. Start with a park-playdate and take the relationship from there. Backyard-sharing, weekend-stays and reciprocal-dog-walking. It’s all possible with Dogshare. To create a profile as a Dog Owner - Scroll down and answer the questions below. To create a profile as a Dog Borrower, click here: Dog Borrower

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Terms & Conditions

Dogshare is a matching website that puts you in contact with other dogs using the information provided by you in the online form. Once a match has occurred, you will be provided with your relevant dog match profile details including owners email address to make first contact with your match.

We recommend that you make contact and respond to your dog matches over email and as a first contact point organise to meet with you dogs at a local park. Allow the dogs to meet over a number of park playdates and then discuss the next step in relation to recipriocal-dog-walking, backyard-sharing and weekend-stays.

Do not provide personal details such as home address and mobile numbers until you have built a relationship with your dog match.

  • Ensure your dogs get along over a number of meetings
  • Use caution and common sense, build up trust before providing personal details
  • Be honest about your dogs behavior (i.e. ANY aggression should be discussed openly) or dog traits (Fence jumping, digging, destructiveness, howling, etc)
  • Participate if you have a dangerous dog. This is not the place.
  • Provide personal details until you have built a relationship with your dog match
  • Assume that another dog will be fine with your dog/cat/child  -DO YOUR RESEARCH and then supervise, supervise, supervise

Happy Dogsharing!