How do I....?

How do I...?

A resource for navigating the Dogshare platform 😀

How do I change my activity Status? - Watch the video.

An activity status is how our members display the urgency of their need to be paired on the platform. They also come with some colours, so here is a quick guide:

Green = Actively Looking. You need help *now*.

Yellow = Open to Contact. You've already found a match, but you are open to new connections!

Grey = You've probably had a match in the past, but you've not set your status yet so we don't really know where you are at. Set that status baby!

SNOOZE = This will temporarily remove your profile from the website. Do this if you need to take a break but want to return later.

How do I read and respond to messages? - Watch the video.

All messages sent on the Dogshare platform are sent and received in real-time. This means if two users happen to be online at the same time and messaging one another, you will see the messages come through instantaneously (provided there is an internet connection!) however never fear, we don't expect you to sit online patiently waiting for messages! All messages are then emailed to the user via an 'Unread Message' transcript. You will see who the note is from, the content of the message, and there is a prompt to LOGIN and respond. To read and respond to those messages, the steps are;

1. Login

2. Navigate to your message icon (Bottom right hand for desktop, top right hand on mobile - both are a pink icon)

3. Type your return message and hit enter (on a desktop machine) or use the arrow / send button on a mobile.

How do I turn ON or OFF my access to Dogshare Helpers? - Watch the video.

As a dog owner, you can choose to just connect with other dog owners, or to also connect with helpers - our non-dog owning (but just as loving) group. Watch this video to see how to turn this feature on or off.

How do I report a user? - Watch the video.

To report a user, simply go to the users profile and look for a button with three dots. Pressing this button you will see the option to 'report user'. You can then add some further detail in the text field about why you are reporting this user. Reports come to us at Dogshare where we will look into the matter further and take appropriate action. Common reasons to report would be: User is not what you expected or poses a threat or concern to our community, user has been unresponsive for more than 1 week after you have messaged them, the user is requesting payment of any type.

As our community continues to grow we greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping the community safe, kind, and responsive.

How do I search for a more specific match?
- Watch the video.

If you are looking to fine-tune your matches, use the search filters to fine-tune your results. You can search by things like "Helpers available for daytime company" or "German Shepherds". Watch the video to see how this feature works.

How do I use the Social Join and Logins? - Watch the video.

If you are joining us for the first time, join using either the Facebook or Google social logins and then continue to sign-in the same way. If you are an existing user of ours that has signed up using an email and password (rather than social logins) and you would like to start using social logins, you need to ensure the email address associated with your account is the same one linked to your social account. For example I have signed up with the email address jessica@abc.com but my Facebook profile is linked to jessica@gmail.com - our system will not recognise your Facebook profile as it uses a different email address. To fix this, login and navigate to your profile - go to edit account details - update your email address to the one associated with your social login (from the example above: jessica@gmail.com) and hit save. Now you can login with your Facebook account.

If you are having trouble with logging in and have tried the above steps please shoot us a message at hello@dogshare.com.au

How do I delete my profile? - Watch the video.

We would hate to see you go, but if you need to leave Dogshare or take a break, here is how.

1. Login

2. Navigate to PROFILE

3. Select edit account details

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Delete Account'

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your paid membership please send an email to: hello@dogshare.com.au - please allow 5 business days for this to be actioned. If you have an upaid membership you don't need to cancel anything - you can decide if you would like to SNOOZE or DELETE your profile. Please note we do not have the ability to snooze or delete accounts on your behalf.

Need to know anything else? Let us know and we will add it here!


Jess, Duke & Adriana 🐾