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We have been incredibly lucky to have had the Dogshare story and concept featured heavily in the press with over 50 appearances across radio, online, print and TV!

Dogshare featured on Channel 10 Pooches at Play with host Lara Shannon and Morgan Burrett

Timeout: This Aussie startup matches you with Melbourne locals who can walk your dog

If we had a dollar for every friend that’s adopted a new pet in iso, we’d be pretty rich by now. But this goes way beyond a typical iso-trend like sourdough making or TikTok dances. Having a pet is a huge commitment – but luckily there’s an Aussie startup that’s making it just that little bit easier to manage.

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Concrete Playground: Dogshare Will Help You Find Human Mates for Your Pooch When You Head Back to the Office

The dog-sharing service will match you with locals who can drop by for pats and walkies while you're at work.

Some love it, some hate it and others tolerate it, but there's one group that's pretty chuffed about the whole working from home lifestyle: our wet-nosed, four-legged housemates. With all that extra attention, pats on tap and probably a few more treats snuck in here and there, it's safe to say the dogs of Australia are now the number one advocates for WFH.

Unfortunately for our furry mates, the dog days of WFH are almost over and those office desks are beckoning. But you can quit stressing — if you're looking for ways to keep pooch happy and stave off any separation anxiety niggles, you'll find a whole network of helping, dog-loving hands over at Dogshare.

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Kaity Griffin Smart Online Marketing Podcast

“When I was having trouble with my dog who was barking excessively all day, I was really stuck about what to do, and we, by chance, met a neighbour who had a puppy who was also under 12 month old, and the two of us were able to team up and help one another out with taking the turns to do walking, morning and evening. And also letting the two dogs share the backyard and hang out. And that night we moved away after around 12 months of this great arrangement, and I was left thinking ‘how would I get this to happen again’, other than, like, knocking on people’s door like a total weirdo.”

Having a pet dog is a big responsibility. They require a lot of time looking after them and they need constant exercise. And what if you have a busy work life that leaves a little amount of time to look after yourself, your family and your cuddly friends? Jess Janson came up with an answer to this problem. Her company Dog Share is Australia’s first dog sharing website designed to connect busy dog owners and lovers with other like-minded people to share their responsibilities of walking and socialising dogs. This idea was born when she realised that her dog needed additional exercise and companionship while she was with her kids or working.

In today’s episode, Kaity will be talking with Jess about how she used PR to get a lot of new customers, her company’s journey and the very expensive mistake she made early on in her career.

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ABC News: Canine Tinder hooking up busy dog owners with time-free dog lovers

A dog owner entrepreneur has created the canine equivalent to Tinder, hooking up busy dog-owners with dog lovers who have time to spare.The site 'Dogshare' matches dog owners with those wanting company in nearby neighbourhoods. The request could be for walking, company during the day, taking the dog to appointments, or even longer-term vacations.

The site's members upload an image of their dog, with its size, age, and temperament, then search through other profiles for a match in their neighbourhood.

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Brisbanista "Interview with Jessica Thomas from Dogshare" 

Question: Who or what inspires you?

When I see that we’ve helped someone on the website who was in a bit of a ‘jam’, I like to think that we are upstream of some of the problems that Australia has with high surrender and re-homing rates. I guess I am inspired by looking at our national figures for surrender and working (alongside many other passionate people in the dog space) to reduce that figure.

"Not knowing what to do with your dog when you take a holiday is the number one concern for dog owners"

Giving dog owners options that are budget-friendly, safe, caring and local helps to address those holiday anxieties.

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Channel 7 Today Tonight "Part time sitters that don't cost a cent"

Channel 10 Eyewitness News in Perth