Why are dogs so hyper after a bath? Also known as the zoomies.

Many dogs get what owners affectionately call “the zoomies” after a bath. Something about it gets them riled up and they speed through the house, often stopping to rub all over a bed, couch, blanket, etc. But the question is, why?

Many dog owners attest that their dogs get the "zoomies" after a bath and as Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers, we see this every day. What causes these frantic periods of activity after being bathed remains for the most part a mystery. Spared from the gift of speech, canines cannot reveal what may be exactly going through their minds.

What on earth are the Zoomies? Well according to Urban Dictionary, Zoomies are…

“When your dog runs around the house like crazy jumping on the couch, running up and down the stairs, and all over the house. It usually ends with them falling to the floor, panting like crazy and taking a nap.”

Zoomies are really just random bursts of energy and are completely normal. They are more common in puppies and young dogs, but senior dogs can Zoomie too!

dog running through field


We know that dogs have several “calming signals” that they do to relieve stress. One of the common ones is “shaking it off.” You will see dogs who are dry, shake off as if they are wet. These dogs are stressed and are trying to calm themselves through their behaviour.

The moment you let him go will make him appreciative of regaining his freedom, which may provide the exhilaration that sends him running.


Once the stress is released, it’s possible your dog continues to zoom because, well, it’s fun!

Play Time

Not all dogs get stressed from baths. Some dogs, such as those that love water, may get the zoomies after swimming in the pool, jumping in the lake or walking in the rain. In these cases, the dogs just seem to enjoy running and playing when wet. If two wet dogs are put together, very likely a vigorous after-bath party will follow. In these cases, it almost seems as if the mere fact of being wet makes some dogs feel refreshed and positively gleeful.

Unusual Sensations

Feeling wet, being exposed to the odd smell of shampoos, and sensing the added weight of water on their fur can be unusual sensations for many dogs. That "post-bath berserk syndrome" you may witness could be simply your dog's way of getting drier faster. Shaking off any access water, rolling on the ground and rubbing their bodies on things like upholstered furniture are plausible attempts at getting their fur completely dry.


Quick Tips

The bottom line, don’t worry about the zoomies! Here are a few tips to incorporate them into your normal bathing routine:

  1. Plan ahead and encourage a quick game of zoomies after a bath. Preferable somewhere away from dirt.
  2. Be sure to keep an eye on your pooch after their bath as if they get the zoomies while you are busy they may go for a roll in something stinky!
  3. He will be less likely to do that if he is worn out and you let him have his zoomies.
  4. Didn’t quite make it to your pooch before he got the zoomies and rolled in the dirt or something smelly? Or just want to get your dog pampered? Give us a call at Aussie Pooch Mobile today.

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