Labrador - Male Desexed


About Oliver

Oliver - or Olly - probably could have been cast in Marley and Me. A typical Labrador that is loving, loved and if you give a good belly rub will be your friend for life. It breaks our heart but since we moved to Canberra he has been with his Grandma in Adelaide. Oliver is loved, and looked after, but doesn't get to do his favourite things - walks and sniff stuff. Oliver can be a little stubborn, so he needs to stay on leash at all times.Oliver is... a bit of a Lab...but would be great with kids. Maybe just not too small as sometimes he forgets how big he is. He is a beautiful dog inside and out and we would love it if you said hello.

Question 1

When home alone get stuck into some backyard landscaping.

Question 2

At home I love to lie In the sun.

Question 3

My favourite activity is Ball!.

Terms & Conditions

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